Red Santa Truck Sublimation Transfer - Youth, Toddler, Infant Size - RTS

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Red Santa Truck Sublimation Transfer 

The print is made using a SG400 Sawgrass Sublimation printer with Sublijet HD OEM ink and Texprint R sublimation paper.  Sublimation prints are best used within a month of receiving.  These will be printed on demand and shipped the same day to ensure the best color clarity.  Store in the cardboard envelope they were shipped in out of direct sunlight. 

White DOES NOT print in sublimation.  If this is pressed on a shirt other than white, the shirt color will show through. Please follow the manufacturers directions for your press.  In general, that is 400 degrees for 60 seconds, extremely light pressure, and using a 100% polyester shirt.  Using anything less than 100% polyester will result in a faded vintage look.  

Infant Size is 5" X 6" and come 2 to a page

Youth Size is 7" X 8.5"

Due to the nature of this product there will not be any refunds for this transfer.