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Faux Leather Sublimation Pencil Case

8.3" X 5" 

One side is white polyester for sublimation and the other side is faux black leather.  It has a really nice metal zipper.  

Pressing Instructions:  All presses are different.  These are the settings that I used for my DK20S.  You might require a little more or less time and a little more or less heat.  Press at 390 for 60 seconds on medium pressure.  I put mine on the edge of the press so the zipper didn't cause pressure inconsistency.  You may also want to tape down the design so you don't get ghosting on the image if the paper shifts.  I also use parchment paper as a cover sheet on the top and bottom of the pencil bag.  The sublimation image should be on the top side closest to the top platen of your press.  You should be able to use a hand held press for these since they are sublimation but I haven't tested that.