Merry Christmas 2021 Vintage Red Truck with Plaid Faux Wood Slice Ornament Sublimation Print - RTS

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The sublimation print is made using a SG1000 Sawgrass Sublimation printer with Sublijet HD OEM ink and Texprint R sublimation paper.  Sublimation prints are best used within a month of receiving.  These will be printed on demand and shipped the same day to ensure the best color clarity.  Store in the cardboard envelope they were shipped in out of direct sunlight. 

Please follow the manufacturers directions for your press and item you are pressing on.  In general, for hardboard ornaments it is 60 seconds at 385 degrees using medium pressure.  These are sized to fit the Out of The World Designs wood slice ornaments.  You will receive 1 sublimation sheet that will make 6 single sided ornaments.