Bunny Shaped Sucker Holder Sublimation Blank - 3 - 5 Business Day TAT

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Bunny Shaped Sucker Holder Sublimation Blank

This blank measures 7.5" inches tall including the Tootsie Roll Sucker Stick and is made from 1 sided UNISUB hardboard.  The other side of the bunny is brown hardboard. 

Pressing Instructions:

Clean around the edges of the blank with a soft cloth.  Remove blue protective film.  Use heat tape to tape the image to the blank and press with the sublimation paper on the top side closest to the top heat platen.  Heat presses may vary.  The manufacturers directions are to press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.  I use parchment paper on the top and bottom of the design to keep any ink from getting on my press.   

If you would like a custom color or pattern pre-pressed onto the sucker holder, please email me a shydesignsllc@gmail.com.  This fits Tootsie Roll brand suckers.