3 Pumpkins Shelf Sitter Unfinished Wood Pieces

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3 Pumpkins Shelf Sitter Unfinished Wood Pieces

The shelf sitter comes with all the pieces to assemble the item pictured.  The pieces come as raw wood.  I used Aqua stain to achieve this look and left the maple unfinished as raw wood.  You will also need to provide your own adhesive to make the two layer pumpkins.  I used Loctite Gel Superglue for the ones pictured.  The rest is assembled without the use of wood glue or adhesive.

The shelf sitter measures 8.5" X 6" total when assembled.  The large pumpkin measures 4.25" X 6" and the two smaller pumpkins measure 3.5" X 3.5".

You can select 1 of three sayings in front of the pumpkins - Blessed, Fall Harvest, or Welcome.