12 Ounce Sublimation Sippy Cup with Two Lid Types

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12 Ounce Sublimation Sippy Cup with Sippy Lid with Handle.  Also, includes a slider lid style.   These will ship approximately 7 - 10 days after placing your order. 

Please place blanks and wholesale items like tumblers, mugs, glassware, and hats on a separate order from transfers as they need to ship separately.  If you place everything on one order, I will send you a split shipping invoice that will need to be paid before the remaining items on the order ship. 

These are the starting out point for the press settings.  Your mug press or oven may take a higher/lower temperature and more/less time.  

Heat Press Settings:

Temperature: 320F

Time: 180 seconds

Pressure: Medium

  • Attach reversed printed image to cup with thermal tape
  • Place the cup in a 11oz/15oz heating element
  • Press according to the above settings
  • Afterwards, remove transfer immediately
  • Allow the tumbler to cool completely before use